• How Mobile Apps Serve The Hotel Industry

    The hotel industry has revolutionized itself and serves millions of people globally. An analysis reveals that the hotel industry will produce 550 billion US dollars in revenue. The associated industry is all set to provide efficient services and the hotel apps help in the same. At present, a lot of people are checking for hotels […]

  • Quality Assurance And Its Importance In Mobile App Development

    Typically when app developers create a new app, care must be ensured that Quality Assurance has to be implemented. The app’s success metrics are sure when Quality Assurance is integrated with all the developmental phases encompassing innovation, conceptualizing, researching the needs up to the launch of the product. Typically the developers dont pay attention to […]

  • Why It Is Best To Go For Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Mobile app developers encounter hybrid mobile app development, native app development and web-based mobile app development where the first two are in a big conflict. Hybrid apps are the clear favorites here, where last year a figure of more than 50% mobile apps incorporated hybrid apps. This is set to grow even further.   With […]

  • Instagram- An Effective Photo Sharing Platform To Express Yourself Vibrantly With Others !

    Instagram is a photo sharing app which is used to provide an enthralling experience of sharing your photos with your friends and also seeing your friend’s photos with a rich personalization touch added to them in the form of filters.It is an effective way of snapping and sharing your great moments with others. In a […]

  • Pitfalls To Circumvent When Launching a Mobile App

    Once the brand has finished developing a mobile app with meticulous care and efforts, the time has come to roll it out. However, this aspect is not an easy venture due to the intense vying associated in the market. Even a slight variance could result in catastrophic outcomes for the app and the brand as […]

  • Guidelines To Ensure Positive Responses And Maximum Rating For An Mobile App

    Presently there is a scenario prevailing in the market where the user base has intense reservations and second thoughts when it comes to selecting apps to use from the online app stores. It is a strong and an indisputable fact that majority of the user base take into account the reviews and ratings related to […]

  • Guidelines To Ensure That The Security Of The App Is Not Weakened During App Development

    At present no one is fortified from the menace of hacking and invasion from third parties related to prying and stealing confidential information. When it comes to app development, the best security features and attributes have to be provided. Although the user base won’t be happy and praiseworthy of the same, when there is a […]

  • Insight About Why Some Apps Dont Register Good Download Ratio

    Research reveals that the Apple App Store features 2.2 million apps and the Google Play Store encompasses 2.8 million apps. Featuring an influx of mobile apps numbering in the millions, there won’t be a second opportunity to make the user base enthralled by the app and further proceed to download it. To form an opinion […]

  • Tips To Mitigate Typical Mobile App Development Costs

    It is a fact, that mobile app development is an effective means of fast revenue generation. However, there are several cases of occurrence where they proved to be a costly venture. The prime reason is the lack of a proper and effective plan. Therefore it is necessary to feature a framework or blueprint outlining the […]

  • The Necessity And Advantages Which Mobile Apps Provide For Enterprises

    To answer the question as to why mobile apps have to be developed and implemented, they have evolved into being an effective portal/ platform of interaction between the enterprises and the customer base and whats more? The interaction associated with the enterprise, its employees and the customers are enhanced significantly by developing the best app. […]

  • An Insight About In-House And Outsourcing With Respect To Mobile App Development

    Currently, mobile phone brands are in a state of intense vying to make the user base content. Sophisticated apps are incessantly developed. Mobile apps serve a plethora of purposes encompassing news feed, messaging, watching movies, read forecasts and the such. Featured are millions of apps at present. The user base can install mobile apps based […]

  • Ensuring That The Mobile App Is On The Right Path To Success

    The mobile app world is gaining momentum. In the event an enterprise’s app ceases to function effectively, then it spirals down to negative consequences. The article elucidates regarding directing a mobile app in the apt path   Designing Your App App design is the most important phase of the mobile app development occupying top priority […]

  • Guidelines Related To Mobile App Development So As To Effectively Target The Preferred Audience

    Featured in this article are important guidelines related to effective mobile app development. Mobile apps have become an integral part of the people by helping them in several tasks on a day to day basis. Enterprises have realized the value of mobile apps. Read further to effectively carry out the development process and generate a […]

  • Uber To Call It Quits With Respect To Its Post Ride User Tracking

    The ride hailing giant noted that it was closing the chapter with respect to the feature which gets to monitor the user/ riders once a ride is over. This feature was met with controversy ever since the organization subject it to inception last November. A representative from the brand noted that the user base will […]

  • Selfies To Be Made Mandatory Before Any Uber Associated Ride

    Featured is an ambitious venture related to tackling the prevailing issue of unregistered drivers who fraudulently associate themselves with the ride hailing giant Uber. Last Thursday, the Uber organization rolled out a new feature where the driver base had to take a selfie prior to accepting rides. It is in the form of an identity […]

  • A Comprehensive Insight Regarding The Self Driving Vehicles From Uber

    Uber has made strides to integrate the concept of self-driving vehicles. A notable reference regarding the same would be a Volvo XC90 which was subject to experimentation. In the case of automatic rides associated with Google’s Lexus the vehicles are integrated with sophisticated systems and features mirroring that of what Uber deployed. Featured are some […]

  • The Worth Of Integrating Both Mobile Website and Mobile App In Any Enterprise

      It is a typical dilemma that prevails across enterprises which have begun as start-ups and also for well-established organizations whether to develop a mobile app or mobile website. To take the advice of a professional it is best to encompass both mobile apps and mobile websites as both of them are vital for the […]

  • Gaining Insight About The Details Of Mobile App Security

      Alongside the rapid growth in the need for smartphones globally has generated a scenario where the user base prefers top-level functionality, effective handling and little efforts to get their jobs done. This has bolstered the need for revolutionary mobile apps. Simultaneously it is important that the smartphone users should fortify their confidential data from […]

  • Prerequisites For Developing A Ride Hailing App

    In the present era, there is an influx of people particularly the millennials who are abandoning the traditional mode of availing taxis and cabs.They are progressing forward as they have embraced the concept of manipulating mobile apps to book rides. Simultaneously, it is noted that many people are rejecting the notion of possessing a car […]

  • Important Steps When Developing A Mobile App

    In some cases, the business persons and mobile app developers with respect to a task related to app development, get very much confused and confounded making the otherwise easy task very much complex and intricate more than what it was supposed to be. Are you ready with the proposal to develop a revolutionary app which […]