• Guidelines To Shorten The Mobile App Release Cycle

    The internet is completely filled with innumerable topics and discussions related to mitigating the app release cycle which proves effective for the mobile app development brands. The reasons are elucidated below: Taking into account the intense rivalry in the market and as there is an influx of mobile devices every month, it is suggested to […]

  • Guidelines For Captivating User Interface Related To Mobile Apps

    A mobile app is not only a portal comprising of few technologies to promote an enterprise’s services. It allows the existing and future customers to obtain a good experience from the app. The UI and UX designers have to manipulate effective User interface strategies to promote success. The user interface is how a user associates […]

  • Some Mobile App Marketing Rumours Which Have To Be Quashed

    Provided there is a proposal related to a mobile app, it does not deal alone with the mobile app development process and the prospects of success are decided by additional factors as well. Branding the app is effective so as to make the targeted user base captivated. Branding involves several obstructions which are tackled with […]

  • Boosting Your App’s Ranking in the Google Play Store

    Google Play Store features thousands of apps rolled out every year. However, only some 50 to 60% of such apps are embraced by the user base. Intense vying is present among the Android App developers so that the apps rank high in search rankings. Featured are several stratagems and incessant branding. Android app developers who […]

  • Guidelines To Ensure That App Usage And Visits Are Augmented

    Featured is an intense vying and competition in the app development world. There are millions of apps that are launched with the tagline that they are better than the others. However, only very few app proves to be a success and others fade away from existence. Hence several questions arise like what was the difference? […]

  • Enlarging An App’s User Base By Manipulating Social Mechanisms

    Humans prefer to install apps due to their productivity and usefulness. However, the user base who are manipulating the app don’t continue to be active users. Studies reveal that only 41% of the user base manipulates a given app more than 11 times. Hence needed are plans to retain the user base and add more […]

  • The Typical Reasons Why Some Mobile App Startups Fail In Their Venture

    The word startup has become commonplace and the related people strive for its success. Technology apart from enhancing the life has several opportunities for startups to achieve the fruits of success. Startups feature some obstacles which could hamper its charm and fail to reach the goal properly.   The reasons could be many like wrong […]

  • Insight About Which Mobile App Platform Any Brand Should Work On First

    “Which platform must first be selected to build an app ?”. This question has been trending for some years. The answer to this question is not straightforward. To quote an instance, an established media company features an assortment of users and adequate resources when evaluated with a budding startup. An app devoted to medical uses […]

  • Insight To Select The Apt Mobile App Development Company For Any Enterprise

    The association of mobile apps with enterprises is profitable for the latter. But the dilemma is related to selecting an apt app development company to carry out the process is what that is annoying. Featured are guidelines related to how a mobile app development company has to be chosen   GO BY STATS App users […]

  • Typical Mobile App Development Blunders To Be Avoided

    Smartphones have progressed to becoming an integral aspect of daily day to day life. Related to the same there is an ongoing trend related to mobile app development for startups and is associated with revenue and success for an enterprise. For a start, featured for an enterprise must be a well laid out app idea. […]

  • Pitfalls To Circumvent When Rolling Out A Mobile App

    Below mentioned are the pitfalls which have to be avoided when rolling out a mobile ordering app. Not researching the market Market research provides insight and enlightenment related to the customer base, the market and the competing rivals as well. It is the main framework related to the prosperity of enterprise ventures and it should […]

  • Why Startups Should Go For Android App Development

    To access any information, the typical individual would manipulate the smartphone to get it by the web or an associated app. Smartphones have evolved to become an integral part of our daily life. Hence, the enterprises must emphasize on online functioning as well. This is feasible through mobile app development.   Related to this, the […]

  • Insight About Progressive Web Apps And Instant Apps

    Designing a sophisticated and interactive mobile app for an enterprise provides the platform to market the specific brand’s products and provide more pleasing services for the customer base. The data accumulated from the user base can be made effective in developing captivating offers. The mobile app serves as a portal to access anything related to […]

  • How Uber Drivers rate their passengers

    At present in Uber, it is not just the passengers who rate the driver. It also happens the other way around. Drivers also provide the rating for passengers on a scale of 1 to 5. Although the passengers may think this is of minor consequences, there are impacts featured with a poor passenger rating.   […]

  • Why Mobile Apps This year Have Become Revolutionary

    Mobile application trends find a similarity to those associated with web applications. The mobile apps are categorized so as to get the effective traits which a given device furnishes.   Coming to the future, it is predicted that mobile app related struggle will be associated with browser-based applications. They are merely internet sites developed for […]

  • The Latest Trends Related To Mobile App Development

    Advancement related to technology has reshaped how the mobile app development brands are refining their services related to developing a mobile app associated with the future. The Android app development in the current era is related to the trends mentioned below:   IoT: Internet of Technology concept is gaining steam and momentum related to its […]

  • Insight About Some Mobile App Security Best Practices

    Based on an analysis, there has been an increase in ransomware invasions in the first quarter of this year which is 13 times more than being associated with the previous quarter. Another report notes that a figure of more than 20 million threats is lurking to ambush mobile apps. Typically the mobile app developers tend […]

  • Some Valuable Tips To Be Incorporated During Mobile App Design And Development

    Related to a good mobile app to be developed, the designing aspect is very much necessary. An exhaustive analysis related to the necessity of the mobile app must be done and comprehended. In the event, the entrepreneur wants to venture into developing a mobile app for the business, they must have insight related to the […]

  • Guidelines To Augment App User Engagement

    Developing a captivating app does not depend only on the innovative proposal. It needs the following strategies which contribute to good app engagement.   Developing a powerful App Store Listing: The focus should be spent on why the people want to provide an opportunity for the app to showcase itself. It should be related to […]

  • Mobile Apps And Their Association With The Airplane Industry

    Nearly 3.6 billion people over the last year traveled by airplane. This figure is set to double by the 2030s. The passenger sector namely the entrepreneurs, the tourist base and reuniting families are more and more reliant on mobile apps to manage their itineraries rather than making use of the traditional approach of using a […]