• The Emergence Of Kotlin Related To Android App Development

    The Kotlin sector is developing. This year, Google recognized Kotlin and officially bestowed it as the second main programming language of Android. At last, Android developers have the even minded and easiest language after waiting for so long Kotlin is a statically written programming coding language for the JVM and JavaScript. Depicted as a universally […]

  • Mobile App Development Trends Which Will Occupy A Niche Position Next Year

    The rollout of exceedingly smart devices, for example, the Smartphones, tablets, iPads and so forth has seen not just the arrival of mobile applications, yet additionally their exceptional development and acclaim among the end users. This unfathomable development is altogether expanding with each passing month and year. As per a review, around 197 million applications […]

  • Insight About Some User Experience Mistakes Done When Developing The Mobile App

    Mobile Application Development is a mind-boggling venture; questioning any expert application developer and he would assist you through the procedure. As every outlined s websites doesn’t get the significant boost on the web search engines, comparatively a large portion of the launched mobile applications are not in the limelight. There are innumerable different reasons for […]

  • Facts As To Why Mobile App Development Demand Is Featured With Extraordinary Growth

    Mobile applications have resulted in an extreme change universally advancing the lives of the user base. In the meantime, it has given an abundant opportunity to the designers to display their creativity. The mobile application technology and related innovation have taken an arch that is past creative ability. In the event that we show some […]

  • Creating Successful Mobile Apps With The Concept Of Clean Code

    Mobile applications have turned into an inexorably important aspect of people’s daily lives in the present current and advanced world. Users depend on them when purchasing anything digitally associating with loved ones, and the list goes on without any limits. Mobile Application Development brands have their work cut out as clear from the monstrous demand […]

  • An Insight About Mobile App Development By The Documentary App_ The Human Story

    Mobile applications are a noteworthy and integral part of the vast majority of the people’s home and work lives. However, the users don’t invest much energy and time considering how or why they were subject to inception. Application: The Human Story is a full-length autonomous narrative, taking a gander at the powers which were responsible […]

  • An Insight Into The Expenditure Behind Mobile App Development

    Let’s take the scenario where an Entrepreneur has contemplated and arrived at the notion to embrace a mobile application with the associated business, however, the pondering question which arises is as to whether design or buy a mobile app. Mobile application advancement expenditures rely upon the application itself and the provided conditions and settings. In […]

  • Uber’s London License Appeal Case Will Continue For Years

    Uber, faced another futile outcome where its appeal related to renewing its operating license in the city of London could well be associated with years to be sorted out and verdict to be reached. This was based on what the mayor of London had to say. Sadiq Khan noted that the step taken by Uber […]

  • Uber And Other Ride Hailing Service’s Association With Cities Related To Developing Pick Up Points

    The most red-hot real estate in the metropolises is presently curbspace. The intensity of the real estates is very much high such that several cities like Washington D.C., Fort Lauderdale in Florida and San Francisco have currently rolled out experimental campaigns related to this very much valued aspect.   Related to the same, all the […]

  • Uber’s Ventures To Appease Its Driver Partners

    Uber has been in the center of attention and limelight for quite some time related to the uprising and complaints about metered taxis all the way to its UberEATS venture which has been rolled out in Durban. The current most ventures as adopted by Uber is related to enhancing and satiating the driver base.   […]

  • An Insight About Tinder’s Role And Standing In The Future

    It is now logical that online dating is the best way to get a future date and if successful a soul mate. However, some experts believe the popularity could be shortlived. There is the growth of new services and the previous champions are faltering.   Previously, Tinder was the talk of the town. With the […]

  • Volvo Teaming Up With Uber With Regards To Providing Automated Vehicles

    The ride-hailing giant Uber is all set to purchase up to 24,000 self-driving cars associated with Volvo, where it serves to be a major ambitious move of the San Francisco based brand. This marks a radical shift from the brand where the app was manipulated to avail a taxi to the owner and the operator […]

  • An Overview About Snapchat’s Latest Major Update

    As seen from the latest news related to the dip in profits for SnapChat, its founder and CEO as officially noted that the image messaging and multimedia mobile application is all set for a big revamp where the usage of the app will be simplified considerably and made more interactive.   This overhaul is featured […]

  • Effective Ways To Circumvent Android App Data Leakage

    Featured with over 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store, the Android market is gaining momentum by providing unlimited opportunities. As Google Play Store doesn’t stringently evaluate the apps with respect to security as seen in Apple App Store, the likelihood of a malicious Android app being approved is more.   With the manipulation […]

  • Effective Tips For Better Mobile App Engagement And User Retention

    Although user acquisition is vital for app success, it is a futile venture if it lacks active users. Mobile app engagement and retention factor are essential for app’s success. Engagement – It relates to the active users of the app. Very much engaged users feature 10+ sessions on a monthly basis. Retention- It is associated […]

  • Measures To Minimize Expenditure Related To Mobile App Development

    Typically from the conceptualization of the mobile app trend in 2008, it has undergone a rapid transformation. App development is rolling ahead with momentum in a plethora of domains mainly smartphones, tablets, VR products and lots more. Irrespective of the size of the enterprises every single one is embracing apps.   An analysis reveals that […]

  • Insight Related To Being Associated With Mobile App Maintenance

    Although related to mobile app maintenance featured is the absence of a universal all comprising set of rules, the aspect of app maintenance is very much important to the existence of a mobile app in the App Store. Mobile app domain has gained rapid momentum and there are frequent updates from mobile app developers and […]

  • Guidelines To Carry Out Additional And Extensive Testing For A Mobile App

    An enterprise has finally finished the development phase with respect to mobile app development and it has been tested by a given circle of friends, family members and colleagues. In order to make more users test the product and generate precise feedback, the article will elucidate on various unique methods to manipulate the real users […]

  • Integrating Mobile Apps With Artificial Intelligence

    Mobile apps are being associated with artificial intelligence where the app developers and enterprises are infusing Artificial Intelligence with the present mobile apps. Smartphones made interactions to be enhanced and simplified. Now, AI is the currently trending technology with lots of potentials.   The established technological brands are investing a lot with regards to Artificial […]

  • The Necessity Of Android Operating System For Social Media Apps

    Currently, the Android platform has contributed a lot for social media to gain a considerable mainstream attention. This is due to the fact that the Android operating system is featured on more than 85% of the smartphones on a global scale. The social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are being availed incessantly from […]