• Important Aspects that make Mobile Applications for Kids Unique and Engaging

    Developing apps for kids has always been an arduous and tedious task. Irrespective of other app development, the use of technology, design, interface and other alignment focus is higher to deliver a perfect mobile application for kids. Many designers and developers fail to understand when developing an app for kids.    Although children today are […]

  • UX Design

    The broadcast of UX Design in Mobile App Development: 6 Trends for 2020

    Mobile App development is an act of developing applications for various mobile devices based on factors like screen sizes, hardware specifications, and some other configurations. What’s the role of UX design in Mobile App development? Efficient User Experience (UX) design plays a humongous role in transforming a normal app into a visually appealing application. So, […]

  • Why you must opt for Cloud-based mobile applications

    Why you must opt for Cloud-based mobile applications Mobile Apps are the best in optimizing a business. They help in maximizing the overall experience of a service or product. Seeing that there are 5 million apps in the App Stores reveal the significant broad scope of mobile apps in the coming days. However, if you […]

  • How Successful Product Design Is Related To Team Approach

    It’s typical that you want your product to be a smash hit. However, it should be done most cost-effectively. However, in doing so, cutting down product designers won’t be a brilliant idea indeed. Product design is daunting, and it all boils down to problem-solving. But doing it, productively needs a team effort. We will see […]

  • Serverless Architecture

    Is Serverless Architecture an efficient choice for App Development ?

     App development has progressed a lot in recent times. Because of an influx of demand from the userbase and enterprises, cloud services have assisted the developer base to be productive in developing secure apps. The next trend in app development is serverless. Or is it? What is Serverless Architecture? Serverless denotes the removal of the […]