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Being an entrepreneur, the primary and invaluable tools to conserve work, time and assets must be incorporated irrespective of whether the enterprise is an established organization or a small start-up. Typically the enterprises would favour everything to function at the maximum potential without being tired out and getting annoyed in the process where the have exhaustively spent a large time related to work where nothing fruitful and productive has been gained. In this present age, tools which boost efficiency can provide a helpful hand in this process and allows entrepreneurs to augment and enrich their work standards leading to good productivity. Below listed are some of the apt apps satisfying the purpose.

TMetric Time Tracker

This app is a basic yet effective and easy to use time tracker which is popular among freelancers and small enterprises. Users can monitor and organize goals and tasks, and allocate budgets for the same. Adaptable timings and reports related to monetary assets can provide a brief outlook regarding the enterprise. This app is well suited for users who want to efficiently manage a team not working in the premises. It is quite adaptable with task management software or IDE featuring Visual Studio Online, RedMine, Trello and many others.


Streak makes efficient coordination with clients via Gmail. It is like a pocket CRM solution gadget where a basic CRM solution can be swapped in place of an existing CRM solution. It can be synced with Google Apps apart from Gmail as well. Streak features no coding knowledge to make use of it


This app based on agile methodology is well suited for business people who need help in coordinating and managing the work assigned to their employees. This app has seen great progress in advancement with relation to its collection of Power Ups assortment where for instance a Dropbox powerup can be initiated and documents from the app can be integrated directly with Dropbox. Another example is where email plans can be observed in Trello boards by enabling MailChimp Powerup in prior.


Uberconference is an app which provides a smooth flowing and efficient coordination, administration and running of businesses when integrating business people with their colleagues and end users. This free app is well suited for digital meetings and discussions which augment the communication well considerably. It is good that the free version of this app covers all the important operations and also features unlimited calling as well.


This virtual discussion app assists the entrepreneurs to tackle problems and challenges regarding interaction and communication among the colleagues and other people involved when they are in a remote place, bonding its users efficiently to intensify the meetings and discussions involved. Another good note is that its users have experienced increased efficiency after making use of this app. The app can be synced with Slack, Trello and other applications and aids the entrepreneur in efficiently organising and making discussions online with the help of chat options.


Dropbox works such that it allows brands and entrepreneurs to save, backup and share the associated information and documents with their colleagues and other concerned people with the help of their devices without the concern of information being compromised or intrusions related to the device where the data is saved. This app is extremely efficient for businesspeople when they have to coordinate with others who are located in different premises and augment the enterprise standard to its zenith.


Google Drive finds its assistance with regards to tackling the problems of several enterprises related to documentation and paperwork involved in the corresponding businesses. It’s great and useful services need not be mentioned again. GoogleDrive diminishes the effort involved in generating, distributing and saving the documents.


It is typical that marketing is a vital aspect of any business without which it wont survive. This app integrates several marketing tools into a single mega app. Enterprises and the various startups can augment their businesses via this app as it is relatively less expensive and that the businesses can flourish well without manipulating the aid of branding executives. Encompassed within it are webinars, email marketing and much more.


Designs related to banners, business cards and other such aspects are important for any enterprise. Canva is very much useful for initiating a digital business. Prior to marketing, the brands must feature a captivating and proper website pattern and the same can be said for the brand’s email or the banner. This app finds its best application where the enterprises cant afford the help of designers but yet they want to leave a great impression in the minds of prospective clients and customers at the first glance itself.


This app helps its users to monitor their email ventures such that they dont miss to interact with their clients. Boomerang app is perfectly synced with Gmail and it helps the entrepreneurs to send mails at a later time period without manual consent. The app is convenient if the entrepreneurs don’t want to handle their clients at present.The important details and attributes related to the email are assimilated and displayed by the app for its users for better comprehension and it helps in structuring the mail so that it is better with respect to reading its content.

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