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Below listed are some free apps which apply to the personal safety of their users.


bSage is a personal safety app which is available as a cost free download in both the iOS and Android products. It is packed with a range of safety traits and attributes. It finds its applications in personally notifying the user’s friends when they have reached the destination, convey data with regards to the altering GPS location and implement counterfeit calls to avoid sticky and messy situations

In the event that real aid is required, the app supplies a loud alarm and relays videos which were shot with the user’s device and their location. This process takes place on a consistent basis and is taped properly. It can be provided to the police in case it is required. Users can manually start the alarm or avail automatic features like Follow Me Timer application which conveys SOS message during periods of crisis provided if the timer expires before the user checks in. This app is well suited for usage in the unearthly hours where it would notify other people only when there is a crisis encountered.

The only disadvantage of this app is that the user’s peers and relations must also install the app and create an account for operation.


Kitestring functions with the aspect that it sends check-ins to the user which have to be acknowledged. Failure to do so will result in a notification conveyed to contacts who were selected in prior. The check-ins are conveyed by SMS. The user has to visit the website so as to set up the phone with respect to personalising the SOS message and modifying the time intervals when the message will be transmitted. Or as an alternative, the service can be provided with the time needed to broadcast the message. Provided the user has received a check in message but has not acknowledged it within a period of 5 minutes, the contacts will be notified. This service can still be used in the event anyone else accesses the device.  


Featuring contribution from Search and Rescue experts, this app is designed for the hikers, cyclists and such people who dont prefer to have their phones when they are out. The users have to add details with relation to where they are leaving for and how long it will be before the arrive back. In the event the users fail to acknowledge within the time limit, the user’s contacts are notified by email or text.

 This free iPhone app is not only applicable for the folks who carry out exercises outside but also finds its use in a scenario where the users have to rendezvous with a stranger and they are sure when they will return and other such cases.


This app is a personal safety app which notifies the police when the user is in peril. This is integrated with a foolproof setting provided the user requires no aid. When the app is initialized, the user has to place their thumb on the Safe button after which a prompt will be displayed to type in a 4-digit code. In the event that the user does not enter anything, the cops will be alerted. The app finds its use in tackling the dilemma related to the fact whether in such scenarios whether it is apt for the user to notify the cops or not and if they are unsure regarding the situation as well. If the scenario escalates into a perilous one, the users can immediately send out the notifications. This app is featured for free on the iOS and Android platforms.

Samsung’s “Safety Assistance”

The mobiles ranging from Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S& and the Note phones are packed with several attributes where Safety Assistance is one among them. It allows the users to alert contacts selected in prior in case of emergency.

This feature can be implemented by clicking Settings, then Quick Settings, then Safety Assistance and finally Send Help Messages.  Provided the aspect is initialized, the user can convey an SOS notification by clicking the device’s lock button 3 times. The message includes the position of the user, photo shots from the rear and front cameras and a recording as well.

However, it is considered that this feature is not a way to dial 911. Further, it has to be kept in mind that the notifications are delayed by bad network connections.

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