Apple's brand new iOS 11

Apple’s brand new iOS 11 and other fascinating products

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Featuring an immense upgrade with regards to the most sophisticated mobile Operating System, Apple has finally proclaimed about iOS 11. This OS is to supply brand new attributes and add-ons to the iOS devices this fall.


It is featured to be the biggest release for the iPad. incorporated are robust multi-tasking attributes and other methodologies to manipulate Apple Pencil.
Augmented reality is taking the app world by storm where it is integrated with billions of iOS products and features a platform to design apps where users can incorporate digital content related to real scenes of the world.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple proclaimed that this version of WWDC is going to be the biggest and best one.
Next, the brand launched a music speaker. This is the first hardware which Apple has released ever since the launch of Apple Watch two years ago. Going by the name “HomePod”, this speaker incorporates state of the art audio quality and is imbibed with the clever software to manipulate the audio in the room by analyzing the room with Spatial Awareness.

This revolutionary HomePod is designed so as to provide the users with access to over 40 million songs and emphasizes a lot on the unique music preferences of the users and also accustom them to brand new music.
This hardware will start rolling out at the end of this year starting with Australia, UK, and the United States.
The company’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing noted that similar to how iPod revolutionized the aspect of music being ported, the HomePod will similarly revolutionize how users will be entertained by Wireless music at their homes.

The starting ceremony was where Tim welcomed the attendees, with praise directed towards the developer sector which has 16 million registered developers and increased by three million in the previous year.
Next Cook proclaimed that Amazon’s video app will be integrated with Apple’s TV streaming box in the later half of this year. The latter will make users to stream all the Amazon chartbusters.

It was then accompanied by a tweet from Amazon related to the same.
The next big thing in Smartwatch platform, WatchOS 4 is set to launch in September incorporated with new attributes like a Siri-integrated watch face. This feature implements machine learning to decide which information is appropriate for the user base at a given time. Other attributes encompassed are a kaleidoscope, characters of Woody Jesse and Buzz from Toy Story movies.

The fitness tracking aspect has been integrated with the latest user interface for the workout app and brand new features for the gym product designers. The company noted that the watch wearers can sync the devices with the gym products making use of NFC.

It was followed by the latest version of Apple’s macOS termed as High Sierra which debuted with the brand new Safari browser. The latter is said to be the quickest browser integrated with autoplay blocking and tracking prevention which implements machine learning again to restrict the annoying information.High Sierra was also integrated with the file system and virtual reality as well.

Apple further proclaimed that the MacBook series will be revamped and upgraded where they would be installed with the most current Intel chips for functioning. MacBook Pros will be integrated with the advanced Kaby Lake processors from Intel and speedy SSDs as well. A new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro sans a Touch Bar was also launched which was modestly priced at $1299.

Apple then revealed a sneak preview with what it terms the most powerful Mac ever- a brand new all-in-one desktop named aptly as iMac Pro. This desktop will be available from December priced at $ 4999.
Tweakings and fine tuning were also made with respect to Siri so that it has a more natural sounding voice when communicating with the user base. Also integrated was the translator mode for various languages encompassing English, Chinese, German and French.

Apple stated that its App Store has accounted for $70 billion dollars to the app developers where 30 % was done the previous year.

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