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There was a word on the latest updates when it came to Android’s security features at this year’s Google I/O. Taking into account the launch of Android 9 Pie, this article will provide a more detailed view of Android’security along with its adherence to making it much more simple in getting it updated.


Effective Practices related to Android Security Updates:

As assured in last year’s Android Security Year-in-Review, the power of Android has very much reduced the probability of operating system bugs from happening. A powerful plan can be to offer security updates on a consistent scale. This is effective on a monthly basis for the Android mobile phones. Thereby in that time factor, source code patches are supplied to the phone manufacturers for using them as firmware related updates. This is extended to the devices featured in the Android One program. The delivery platforms are over-the-air for the Pixel devices and also via Google FOTA servers as well.


Effective practices for Businesses:

Some other important factors comprise of Product oriented security factors, scalability in policy controls, features associated with substantiation. Sometime back this year, featured was the Android Enterprise Recommended Program for enterprises to be comfortable in picking in the best one out of these. Android devices have to offer updates on a monthly basis or at least on a 90-day basis. Even the users who are interested to be enlightened about the security update practices can refer to the related list.


Featuring Simplicity when it comes to Updates:

Progress is also made to make the work of update easy. The main area to focus here is to make the entire OS components updated without any consequences for other systems. This is effective when it comes to security updates as well.

It additionally helps in quick and independent updates when taking the case where Operating system services are extracted into the User-mode applications.


Security Patch Level Compliance:

Earlier, some analysts found that there were some missing bug patches on a few Android devices. At first, there were a lot of discrepancies which are patched up now. Progress in the form of security update testing systems has reduced compliance failures considerably. Another risk factor that has been mitigated includes the omission factor via device images scanning practices related to some given patterns.


A glance at the future :

Last year, around a billion Android devices, were updated via security-related patches signifying a 30% increase when evaluated with the previous year. Dedicated work is carried out to make Android updates even more simplified via enhanced processes. Further progress is made to enhance partner adoption of all the security updates and compliance-oriented parameters. Thereby it is safe to say in the coming time, even more, Android devices will be incorporated with security patches on a consistent scale.

Bugs are unfortunately found infecting every system but the good thing is they are vulnerable. Everything is carried out to bring down the bug infection rate so that soon enough there won’t be security updates released on a rapid rate. Ultimately, the main objective is to offer robust safety for all the products.

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