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Android App Development – “A Prospective Brand Marketing Tool”

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Mobile Applications – Effective Marketing Solutions

Promoting a brand through advertisements is now a traditional method. Digital presence is the new normal. Any business striving to expand their business online and get a better reach should have a dedicated mobile application developed for the same. More than an effective solution, it has become a necessity in the modern world. 

Every Android app development company in Chennai is aiming at offering the best possible mobile app solution which could act as an effective marketing tool for various businesses. It supports both business automation and an increasing customer base. Brand awareness can be highly promoted and market visibility can be attained effortlessly through android app development. According to surveys, 50% of users using a branded application are likely to purchase from them. 

Thus, it is easy to grab the target market with the inculcation of all their common preferences and give them a personalized experience via Android apps. The bottom line is that branded Android app development is the best way to accelerate brand promotion in a streamlined manner.

Let us get to know more about how Android app developers in Chennai are helping businesses to achieve their goals by offering them applications that are an effective brand marketing tool.

Why Should Brand Marketing be Considered Using Android?

According to sources, 70% of people’s mobile time is spent on Android smartphones out of which 90% of the time is spent on Android applications. Almost every person in the world has access to the internet, owns a smartphone, and spends most of their time in applications from anywhere anytime. This proves that there is no better marketing channel than Android applications for our business to reach massive audiences. 

Also, nearly 75% of Android users choose to engage in loyalty programs if it can be done through their mobile devices via applications. This latest forecast about time spent on mobile apps justify how an effective Android development company in Chennai can serve businesses with a fully functional Android application as their promotional channel.

The potential of Android applications can go far beyond what we have discussed which is realized by most of the business verticals. This has paved the way for the opening of many marketing avenues providing businesses the chance to engage with a wide range of customers with innovative features and retain them with trust.

No wonder the Android app development industry is flourishing given the rise in the use of mobile internet than ever before. As per sources, by 2022 end, it is estimated that there will be roughly 7 billion Android users globally. With advancements in technology including AR, VR, AI, ML, etc., this projection has all possibilities to expand furthermore. 

Here are some things provided by Android applications as a powerful marketing tool,

  • Connecting with audiences
  • Conveying brand message
  • Keep app users engaged
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Boost sales
  • Improve offline app experiences
  • Mobile-friendly loyalty programs

The next section deals with the advantages of Android app development as a brand marketing tool which will justify to you entirely that it is the right choice to make to raise your business standards.

Prospects and Benefits of Android App Development as a Brand Marketing Tool

#1 Brand Awareness and Visibility

Businesses are always on the lookout for a platform through which they can promote their brand and products. Android applications can drastically create brand awareness and an upscale customer base. Once the app is installed, users often come across the brand logo, interact through the app thereby increasing the visibility of the brand easily.

#2 Connecting With Customers

The most crucial part of marketing is to make the customers engaged with our products through it. This becomes a cakewalk with Android apps as a marketing tool. Apps are capable of creating a strong connection with customers and prospects. By giving personalized content, attractive offers, relatable products, advanced features your business will gain increased customer engagement through the marketing tool – Android apps. 

#3 Gathering Customer Data

Analyzing the customers and target audiences is the most important and tedious task as well. So, how do Android apps help you with it? In the following ways,

  • App Registration – Details such as preferences, age, email, etc., can be gathered while the customers register with the application
  • Deals – By offering discounts, exclusive offers for answering small surveys can serve as helpful to collect info.
  • App Usage – The admin can always track and monitor users’ behavior through app usage and analysis of the same.

#4 Incrementing Customer Loyalty

Frequent customers can be rewarded with promo codes, coupon codes, free products, reward points, etc., to get customer loyalty. When frequent customers are rewarded with exclusive deals, it stimulates them to purchase via your application again and again. This marketing strategy can be implemented by sending in-app alerts and messages to app users.

#5 Upscaling Target Audience

Android applications can enhance and upscale the target audience numbers at potential rates not just location-wise but globally. Also, region-specific promotional messages can be sent to the customers in order to grab the most attention from every region. Also, this gives the people a cultured and personalized feel letting them show interest in using your business app.

#6 Boosting Sales

With fascinating benefits such as intuitive user experience, user-friendly features, simple and convenient payments, and other workflows, your Android app can serve in many ways to fulfill customers’ purpose of increasing the sales ratio. To bring about a steep rise in the conversion rates, you can inculcate loyalty programs, referral programs, and other additional services that will encourage customers to use your application more than before.

#7 Social Networking

Your Android application can be synchronized with social media since that is where people spend most of their free time. Your brand content can be easily reached through social media networks, thus, gaining a huge amount of customers for your brand. 

Closing Thoughts

Taking into consideration all the aforementioned aspects, stats, and benefits of using Android apps, now you know how successful your business can become and reach globally through Android app development. To develop one such solution, you must pick the right set of Android app developers in Chennai who are capable of understanding both your business and the market needs and combine them to give you a fully functional marketing solution. Pyramidion Solutions is a leading Android app development company in Chennai holding years of experience in serving various businesses with our top-grade Android app solutions. Connect with us to get your efficient application which will aid you as the best promotional channel for your brand.

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