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Coming to availing the services of a company for mobile app development, it is important to know the total expense with regards to the services. A clear-cut price estimation is not possible to quote even by the best company prior to reviewing the requirements of yours.


Listed below are some important parameters related to app development expenses namely:

(i) Business Model

(ii) Type of the device being used and the nature of the platform:

(iii) Functionality

(iv) UI and UX design

(v) Information related to the team involved in Development

All the above are detailed below in depth


Business Model:

Structuring this deals by answering several questions namely, the user base of yours, the inclination of the users with respect to the platforms and devices they use, all your monetization related preferences like whether the app will be free or paid, whether the revenue will be via in-app sales, whether marketing of your product will be carried out via the application or if there will be integration of third-party ads in the application.

All the above are just a few of what needs to be researched and answered from a business model point of view. Do this prior to approaching the mobile app development company. The intricate nature of your dream mobile app is related to the answers which you find out and directly they will influence the overall cost as well.


Type of the device being used and the nature of the platform:

A platform is ultimately chosen depending upon the inclination of the user base of yours with respect to the device and platform that is being commonly used. Prices won’t be the same seeing the differences between mobile and web development work.

In the event, you have ascertained that the user base of yours prefer only mobile phones, develop an application on that platform only. It is that simple. If plagued with doubts, it is suggested to go for an adaptive application compatible with every platform.

When coming to contemplating between iOS or Android, the former in terms of development offers simplicity and is quite economical as well. But to be considered is the fact that it constantly needs updates and maintenance, thereby there are bound to be additional expenses. Thus a careful research on the mobile OS to be chosen for app development is a mandatory must.



Coming to the real phase in the actual development of the application, surely it will have fundamental features built inside it. However, to make a mark in the intensely vying world and distinguish yourself from the other rivals in terms of specialty and profits, you have to integrate extra features which proportionately leads to additional costs as well.

Stocking with an additional means of marketing involves the integration of a login option where all that is needed is an email id to interface with the social profiles. There might be a case where you might cash in on user profiles so as to increase the user experience tenfolds. In-app subscription is the best shot if there is the integration of products, subscriptions and the such. Device synchronization will come handy for the users as well along with a search feature.


UI and UX Design:

Taking into consideration the case where the user base of yours is inclined towards design solutions and the such then, the focus must be given to the product’s appearance. However, occupying a stronger prominent role is the UX design. Irrespective of what are the inclinations with respect to the clients, they want a solution for their problems ultimately.

A classy design obviously means more cost taking into consideration the fact that a great user experience and a beautiful impression overall is important.


Information related to the team involved in Development:

Coming to the most vital aspect related to app development which affects the cost of development is the development team who handles the work. Inclination towards opting for a team with less expertise will surely incur less cost but unfortunately poor quality in the work as well.

This does not, however, imply that costly services mean greater quality. There are cases where there is poor judgment in understanding the pros and cons and also the expertise of such teams. However, this is the moment when you select a team from a given list, along with their work inclinations/ methodologies etc will serve to provide greater insight.

Winding up things, when eventually narrowing down on a team with greater expertise which is known for its impressive reputation and has been serving well-known clients from all over the globe, it is normal for them to quote their price a bit high.


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