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It is now logical that online dating is the best way to get a future date and if successful a soul mate. However, some experts believe the popularity could be shortlived. There is the growth of new services and the previous champions are faltering.


Previously, Tinder was the talk of the town. With the passage of time, the short interest on the stock of its parent company Match Group has seen a rise to 46% of the float, ever since its IPO some time back. That serves to signify that there are chances that Tinder’s fame might get wanned.


Roughly some 6 to 8 years previously, related to the social networking space it was not clear that Facebook would emerge as the winner. Featured were several services like MySpace, Friendster, and Netscape where the digital services will experience a rise and that fade away. Now coming to the scene after the social media giant’s IPO and its positive venture to be associated with mobiles, the investors had to change the opinion related to the Facebook stand from fading away from existence to maintaining a strong position.


This is likely the same case for Tinder where a time will arrive where the youth will manipulate TInder app with relation to online dating. 4 years ago only 10% of the American youths between the age group of 18 to 24 manipulated a given digital dating service and then 2 years back this statistic tripled with a majority of the increase associated with Tinder.


Related to the latest analyzed quarter, Tinder features over 2.5 million paid users and there is no stoppage to the growth which proceeds rapidly. Related to the third quarter, the paid members numbered up to 476,000 from the previous quarter. This in comparison with the timeline with respect to Quarter 1 to Quarter 2 featuring 224,000 subscribers, has grown much in scale and it is a progress to nearly 23%


History is repeating itself and previously when it was associated with Facebook now it is associated with the Tinder dating app.


The growth also has its relation to the implementation of brand new add-on paid services where the subscriber base will be provided with more data. Some services feature an abundance of Super Likes and Boosts. The recently launched “Tinder Gold” service provides insight regarding who like a user’s Tinder profile.


The venture taken by Tinder with respect to launching all such extra a la carte paid services resembles how the major gaming brands associated themselves with selling downloadable content and additional add-ons post selling the main game. Considerable time was spent in research by the investors and experts related to how the radical change would prove beneficial for the industry. After this took place, there was a rapid increase related to the stock prices


Seeing the fact that most of the aspects occurred concurrently like growth, the successful outcome of testing with branding, the critical mass and lots more, Tinder is all set for more benefits on its part when taking into account the near future as it rapidly expands its services.


However, there is intense vying associated in the market seeing the proliferation of Bumble in America. Progress on a global scale will be featured with local competitors. When taking into account Facebook where its user base is associated with the site on a limitless basis, Tinder must prepare itself to develop methodologies to enthrall the future generation.


According to some experts, the percentage of paid subscribers amount for only 5 % of the dating app’s user base. And this percentage is associated most likely to be only an insignificant number related to the market comprising of nearly 500 million on a global scale who avail digital dating.


Summing up everything, Tinder’s parent company is featured with several tailwinds as it proceeds into the next year. Provided the opinion of Tinder varies from being a mere player struggling to find a mark into that of a leading established brand in the related market which is quickly growing, that will surely benefit the stock where the gainfulness will augment at a rapid rate.


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