Do You Have An Amazing Mobile Application Idea? Here Are Some Best Ways To Validate Your App Idea

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People depend on mobile applications on a daily basis, and various applications are regularly used like taxi booking, ticket booking, and food delivery, and so on. As a developer, it is vital to know about the niche audience for the application you are developing and how useful will the mobile application be. Therefore if you have a mobile app idea, it is essential to validate the idea to ensure that it will bring a good return on investment.
What Exactly is App Idea Validation?
A great idea is required in any field to start a project, and the same goes for mobile application development. When you have an idea, you may think it’s fantastic, and it will work. Still, you cannot say the same to your customers without proper proof because people believe in facts and statistics and not words and that is why app idea validation is needed to make sure it will give good revenue. Many mobile app development companies in Chennai make app validation a priority.
Here are some critical stages of app validation

  1. Get inspiration for an app idea

If you don’t have a good app idea or any app idea at all, then get inspiration from various sources. Many great ideas come from the necessities, as philosopher Plato once said: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. If you are facing hindrance getting app idea, then research on the app stores, check your competitors, go to various conferences and analyse on the funding.

  1. Feasibility of the app idea

After getting a basic idea of application type and the concept, it is necessary to check the feasibility or viability of the idea. The app idea you have should satisfy the business needs and should bring good ROI.

  1. Consider the Market

The final step before developing an application is to check whether the application is fit for market. The two main things to look for are the features and the revenue model of the application.
Strategies for mobile app idea validation
Here are some strategies that will help you validate your application better and helps the business to find out if it’s worth the investment.
Research is important
Once you get an app idea, it is essential to analyse the budget, risk involved, market fit and competitors. Without proper research, it is amateur to start the development process. So to live up to the market trends and strategies research is absolutely vital.
If the research is done correctly and executed the application will have a good return on investment and increased lifespan with regular update and maintenance.
Audience Perspective
There is a difference in the way developers and audience think, it is necessary as an app developer to have a detailed idea about what the consumers need and how they see the application. So without overthinking too much think like a consumer and know what they really want.
To further get more insights, check on the reviews of the competitor’s applications, see questions in Quora, scroll through social media comment sections and directly ask your target audience.
Keyword Analysis
To get real-time access to what is trending and what are people searching, do keyword analysis. First phrase the keywords related to your business and make a list of at least ten phrases. Use tools like Google Ad words or MOZ and enter those phrases and get related keywords.
This process will ensure you of what people are exactly searching for, and you can also use Google trends tool to see what are the topics trending related to your business.
Landing page creation
Creating a landing page can give the actual data of the people interested in the application. Make a landing page giving all the details of your mobile application idea and add the mock images of the applications as well. A lead generation form will be a cherry on the top to collect actual information of the real consumers.
Run ads in Google or any other social media platforms like Facebook to get more leads and validate feedback from the people. The traffic and leads will validate the mobile app idea.
Competitor Analysis
Many iOS and Android app development company knows that the competitor analysis and research are extremely important for any application development. Go to Playstore and Apple store to see what the competitor’s apps look like and concentrate on the features and revenue models of those applications.
Finally, go through the reviews and see what problems the users face and what demands and updates users want, and then try to incorporate that in your mobile app development.
In conclusion, the app idea validation will check the feasibility of an idea and whether the application will be successful or not. This is a vital step to follow so that developers or companies don’t waste time and money on unnecessary app ideas and concepts.
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Monish Sinthala is the co-founder of the best iOS and Android app development company in Chennai, Pyramidion Solutions. The company is known for delivering the best mobile applications to its global clientele. With custom mobile applications and excellent support system, the company has garnered its name as one of well reputed mobile app developers in India. Monish Sinthala’s main focus is to nurture the mobile app development industry with advancement and growth in the future.

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