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A quick view of recent trends in Android App Development

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In present day world, the mobile business is encountering noteworthy development in applications and associated things. It has changed the way clients used to connect with smartphones and advancements.

Google has gone one more step and appeals more designers and organizations on board. Let’s have a brief view on recent aspects of Android application improvement

  1. Enhanced Security

Soon, buyers won’t require more rather they expect that the current applications streamline their regular day to day activities and secure users data. It has been assessed that by 2017, 50 percent of every single online exchange will be made with mobile applications. No one needs an application to release the customer’s card specifics and security code.


Android is not favored by endeavors on account of poor encryption measures (even on top offering costly gadgets) and simple distributing Because of simple distributing pernicious applications enter Google Play without much trouble. Google has attempted to take care of the issue in 2015 by presenting holder security answers for Android application improvement – accessible for all OSes beginning from Lollipop. Utilizing this, clients can make a particular workspace for particular business applications and ensure their information. It may help Android to be embraced by more ventures all through 2016 and coming years.

  1. Quick Mobile App Development

It is troublesome for merchants to stay aware of the developing interest for applications. The presentation of “national designer” by IT moguls plan to tackle the issue and this is the place the application fast advancement progression originate. The merchants upgrade cloud-based technique for advancement with simple alternatives while taking the low code methodology. Simple disclosure on Android sets the best decision for beginner coders.

3. Installment Services

It has been evaluated that cell phone installments will cross $ 118 billion internationally by 2018. With Google Wallet and Android Pay, Google has likewise added to m-commerce. Google has collaborated with Braintree, CyberSource and other payment processors to bolster the administration reconciliation with third-party applications.

In this year, outstanding applications like Groupon, Open Table, and Domino’s will be propelled with the “Purchase with Android Pay”.


  1. Augmented Reality

The increased virtual reality speculations worldwide have crossed $ 1 billion amid the first quarter of 2016. Augmented reality recreations like Pokémon GO merge real-time factors with the game.

Android is a simple to go choice for AR designers – as it offers programmed APIs, the Surface Holder capacity, and animation platform.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Analysts trust that there is a possibility of 50 billion associated gadgets over the globe by 2020. That is around 6 networks for each living individual on Earth. The associated gadgets have trekked from cell phones to wearables, sensible security fridges, and even particular entryway locks.

For each linked gadget, a mobile application is required to power it. In coming years, engineers and android application advancement firms will be entrusted to make basic connection to rebuild IoT into attractive items.

  1. Wearable Applications

For quite a while, wearable applications were for the most part created for the fitness industry. In 2016 and coming years, we may see a move towards wearable apps, since more associations plan to utilize latest gadgets to upgrade efficiency.

Google takes after most recent User Experience and have programming advancement rules, so Android Wear will pick up footing among those merchants who concentrate on wearable applications.

  1. Expanded Focus on UX

Simple user interface is given importance to make fruitful applications. With such a large number of applications being propelled each day, the desires and norms for client needs have expanded. iOS applications concentrate more on UX than Android applications. Android developers will likewise concentrate on enhancing the UX to appeal more organizations and clients.

Android application improvement industry is flourishing and always developing a seemingly endless amount of time. Search for these patterns to rule the mobile industry as the time advances.

It’s nothing unexpected that the clients are searching for progressively fascinating apps and idea with enhanced user interface. Remaining fully informed regarding the most recent progressions of Android v application advancement can help engineers assemble effective applications for organizations and endeavors.

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