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A Day in the Life of a UX/UI Designer at Pyramidion Solutions

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Everyday people interact with the designed user experience. User experience so-called UX is an evolving field which is still being defined. And if you ask me to define UX, I would say the term UX refers to how people interact or intercommunicate with a product or device which is either digital or physical.

In mobile app development, the victory of an application depends upon how a user views or rates the final product. An expectation for mobile interactions has grown, and in response, UX design has become a crucial element in the process of development.

This post will turn your day into pieces for a UX designer and their duties and responsibilities in creating a product which delivers real value to a set of users.


UX or User Experience:


Who are UX Designers?

At the peak, UX involves everything that affects a user’s insight and interaction with a product. UX will surely boost the technology regarding mobile application development. UX is the practical, observational, meaningful, effective and precious characteristics of human-machine interaction and product possession.

Usable: A mobile app needs to be open and simple to utilize. The user should not struggle to use it. Plus, it should be designed in such a way that it is familiar and instinctive to the user.

Useful & practical: A mobile app needs to satisfy the customer expectation. No matter what, an app must fulfill the needs. If it fails to do so, then it is not useful to them.

Sensible and attractive: People always love impressive and sensible designs. An app’s artistic design should visually tempt. However, design element plays a vital role in positive emotional classification.

Findable: People always look for alternative solutions to fix problems. THUS if the user finds some defects in the software, a solution should be easily found.

Reachable: “Apps for All”. Mobile applications should be designed in a way that it should be reachable to all people in every nook and corner of the world, including those with disabilities, can have a precious experience.

Trustworthy: Trust is something which is hard to gain. The company and its product should be reliable.

This combination of outer six components of the UX honeycomb is what builds value for the users. The main motive of any mobile app is to deliver UX that enhances user value to higher peaks.


UX design is all about people:

Generally, UX design would never satisfy every need and fulfil customer expectation completely, but the main purpose of UX design is developing the farthest-reaching solution for a set of aimed users.
At Pyramidion Solutions,, we understand the significance of product discovery phases to gain the better understanding how your app will deliver or provision the needs of your user.


Who are UX designers?


The duties of a UX designer is varied and challenging, at Pyramidion Solutions, our UX designs and prototypes users experience grounded in user research. In cooperation with the remaining of their project team, our designers discern your app’s targeted audience and their needs and design a UX solution to fix common pain points.

The following are the talks of Rohith and Krishanthan: the two UI/UX designers at Pyramidion Solutions had to say about their work life.

Rohith: we boost the human experience on mobile gadgets. The primary objective is to connect business goal with their user needs via analysis, researching, prototyping, testing, and refining stages that satisfy both sides as well.
We are UX designers and we do UI design as well. From the UX view, we design the functionality needed for a mobile application MVP and track out the smart way to integrate that into the final product with UI design. We indeed come up with best result and solutions.

Krishanthan : UX design is often misjudged as UI design, but they go hand in hand. Well, UI design is making a product beautiful, and UX design is actually making it work. It’s known why people often confuse the two terms because the design is always related with colors and graphics, but UX design is all about user interaction with an app and tells how the user jumps from one task to another within that app.

The visual element of an app is called the user interface. It’s the how’s the outlook, the feel, and the appearance of a product. UX design is the function behind those visuals. UX design is the backbone or infrastructure that ties together how an app appears and how it operates.


How will be a typical day looks for you?

Rohith : Well, our day begins with routine stand-ups in the morning. As you know, we are currently working on three projects; any one of the projects can be ion different stages. I could be probably researching one, or tracing user flows in another, and doing mock-ups and final artworks for some another. I don’t think xyz is much different.

Krishanthan : I totally agree. I either spend my mornings in stand-ups and scheduling deliverables, or in just a discover sessions with the clients. I’m so aware that everyone need must be satisfied. This also includes checking in with the developers and exporting assets for a project in implementation, or working with clients and the project management group to make deliverables like user journeys, wireframes, branded mock-ups, and a clickable prototype for discovery session and many more.

The way the day looks depends upon at which level we are in the process.

Rohith : Communication and keeping in line is the very constant factor for all day. We cooperate with developers and designers, project managers, architects, and the whole group really.


Could you tell me from where you find your motivation?


Krishanthan : Anywhere. Everywhere. I get inspired and motivated through experiences, talks, discussions from people, things I see daily, and while reading. Well, there are articles, blogs and resources on the internet available today and magazines, but you can find inspiration that impacts your innovations and ideas from everything if you are wishing to observe at things.
Rohith : I’m a little more literal. I look at visual things. I will read through magazines, ill see them online, ill look at some other apps. Creativity and imaginations are the key factors but one has to water the seed of imagination to grow it.


What is the toughest part of your work?

Rohith: Understanding the client’s need clearly. They have some ideas but more times they struggle how to get from A to B. It’s all about enquiring and asking the Right question to understand what they really need.

Krishanthan : As designers, it’s easier for us to take little pieces of information and ideas and imagine a vision in our heads – not everyone can do that. Sometimes clients can’t envision what the final product will look and works like and it’s our work to guide them at that point.


What do you love about your work?

Krishanthan : everything. I like having the conversation with new people and cooperating with clients on new projects. I enjoy learning new things from various people in the office; I don’t care if it is developers, architects or the project management group, there is always something new and interesting to learn about.

Rohith : I would say the multiple varieties of content I get to work on. Every app is unique and even if the general theme is same, the content and concepts are so different. Also, I’ve always loved seeing an app attaining life from discovery via development and then looking it in the app store. That’s always a great time for me: when you to see the final product after you’ve toiled over it for months

Krishanthan : I agree. I love being able to see our work come to life, from the early step of an app concept to a downloadable, tangible final product that so many people get to use and indeed enjoy using it.

Rohith : Incomparable expectations are also a great thing. We all expect to provision what the client’s needs but when you go beyond, and client compliments you – that’s the great fuel, Which is great to hear.

Krishanthan : Notably when you hear words like “I love it.” It’s nice seeing how passionate clients are about their ideas and how enthusiastic they are about what you’ve managed to build by working together, especially when the deliverables go beyond their expectations and reach peaks. It’s a marvelous feeling to be a part of bringing someone else’s dreams to real-time life.


what kind of person makes an amazing UX designer?

Krishanthan : I may say that you have to have the widest range of interests and an eagerness to learn. Good designers are open to new things, creativity, innovations and different perspectives.

Rohith : I totally agree. You need to be able to draw from many interests.

Krishanthan : First, You need to get to know people. A great UX designer has empathy for the people who are about to use the product. However, UX design is all about people and their emotions and motivators. Even when it comes to the design process, you need to read people. A lot of really great breakthroughs come from reading between the lines and understanding the unspoken and unknown needs of the client. Finally, the role of a UX designer is to cooperate and assist clients to build the best app experience possible for their aimed spectators, whereas the app concept or idea doesn’t matter.


UX design- the ongoing process:
UX design is energetic, dynamic, and the UX requirements for a product will grow, when new technologies and innovations develop and user feedback is been received. UX design needs to be refreshed constantly as an app evolves, grows and changes.

Making a business case for UX design determines how brands will conserve in today’s tech-driven society. It’s never been more important to ensure customers, users, and clients have a positive experience and interactions with digital content. UX design should be considered as low-level investment.

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