A Comprehensive Guide to Managing the Negative Reviews for Your Mobile App.

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Positive comments indeed indicate what features in your app made the user base that captivated and the bad ones tell what they didn’t find good. Both of these comment types must be treated equally. Availing the services of an effective mobile app development company will decrease the chances of negative reviews. If you do receive them, it is not the end of the world- Stay calm and think how it can be resolved as soon as possible.

These negative feedbacks indicate that something is missing in your app so as a precaution carry out rigorous end to end testing before it is launched on to the App Stores. In case there is a clash of opinion regarding one such feedback, think from the customer’s perspective and get insight on what they faced actually in your app. If the user is very much dead serious about the issue he or she faced, contemplate to take the necessary resolutions to get the thing sorted out immediately.

This article will throw light on how to safeguard your valuable mobile app from the invasion of negative feedbacks.


Opt for Apps only from Google Play Store:

Google Play Store comprises apps where the risk factor of Malware associated is very less. You can also opt for other stores for app downloads but first ensure that they are reliable with regards to being strict against malware and the such.


Download apps only from Developers who can be trusted 200%:

A reliable mobile app development company knows that its reputation is at stake if it creates a malfunctioning or malicious app. Thereby they work with all dedication to gain the trust of everyone. This states that it is quite safe to go for app download from one such company like that. When contemplating to download an app via Google Play Store do a background check on the Developer details with regards to ascertaining its reliability.


Do Inspect the Ratings and Reviews as well:

Checking reviews have to be done smartly to find if there are any fake ones as well. Such reviews are exposed by the language used to write them. Once if you do find them, do contact the associated developer and request them to look into it.


Give focus on the Permissions requested by your app when it comes to Installation:

As implied in the heading of this subtopic, make an analysis of what exactly are the permissions an app will ask you in order to access something in your phone. Take the necessary actions if some permissions won’t exactly be safe for a given mobile.


Ascertain that your mobile has an effective security setting:

Irrespective of the app you download, always have a good security solution installed on the device.

With that said, let’s have a word on how we can tackle all the negative reviews related to your app.

It’s true that any negative feedback can prove detrimental to your brand reputation and that of the specific mobile app developer behind that app.

As mentioned earlier, don’t lose your heart and with a firm mind get set on finding out what went wrong. Prioritize the issue and offer your apologies to the user base affected by the malfunction in your app. Ascertain them that you are full-fledged with regards to resolving everything asap and that they are more than welcome to reach you out at any time round the clock. Earn their trust by providing compensation via benefits and by your sincerity as well. Once the resolution is done, notify the user base what exactly has been done to the app and guarantee that everything will be fine with respect to your app functioning. Also, engage in getting user reviews even after the changes have been made. Finally, ensure that there will be a support system to address any bugs that might arise later on.


Necessary things to remember:

Ensure that your quality oriented mobile app is enhanced regularly as based on the user feedback and never get disheartened if a negative feedback should arise. If the users did face such an issue make sure that they can effectively reach you out. The reviews from the beta testers and your fan following via the Social media platforms are also important.



Consider negative reviews as a blessing in disguise as you can make use of that situation to make enhancements to your mobile app and also show that you are dedicated to satiating the user base.


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Pyramidion Solutions has been in the business of Mobile App Development for quite a while and knows how to ensure application success in terms of popularity and demand. It has deep insight regarding the solutions to support you even after your app has been developed and will offer its expertise to enhance your app and at the same time ensuring that your reputation through our mobile app is guaranteed to be safe.

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