A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Application Architecture

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We very well know that the competition involving mobile applications is very intense from the perspective of an entrepreneur. However, the bitter truth is that many of these apps usually end up as big failures since their underlying architecture was not given due importance in the first place.

Speaking of Mobile Application Architecture it encompasses all the techniques and strategies which can get a mobile app built perfectly according to any given requirement.

Now let us jump into the chief factors involved in the process called Mobile App Architecture Development-

(i) Categorizing the Devices on which the App will operate

This is easily done by understanding the Operating System that powers each device. Other modes of classification include screen size & resolution, memory size specifications, and storage related parameters. It is no wonder that this deciding factor is of paramount importance when considering all the hardware and software requirements.

(ii) Selecting the perfect Navigation Type

Regarding this factor, we have to take into account both the client and server side as well. Most importantly all the customer related requirements must occupy top priority when we finalize the app navigation type. Moreover, this concept of app navigation is also responsible for offering stellar user experience.

(iii) Bandwidth and Network Coverage

When developing the mobile app architecture ensure that the mobile app operates even in the worst internet network connection. This is because people are sure to abandon any mobile app that doesn’t perform well in areas that don’t have good internet connectivity. Thereby ensure care when dealing with data caching and data access mechanisms and power consumption in this scenario.

(iv) Developing a powerful UI

Here, the chances of developing a powerful UI is enhanced if the app design work is done with the aim to offer something that is both impulsive and instinctual in the app.

Now let us have a word on how we can deal perfectly with a Mobile App’s Process Flow.

When it comes to designing the architecture of an app, it is mandatory to give due attention to several layers that are mentioned below.

a. Presentation Layer:

This layer is about how the User Interface. Here the task for the app developers is to clearly elucidate the end user base who seem happy with the app design and infrastructure. Also, when considering enhanced app security, there is the need to get a good data format that can be associated with an equally good data validation process. Finally, care should be taken to categorize all the business ideas for layer code presentation work.

b. Data Access Layer:

This layer is associated with security and data access components. Therefore, for both robust security and effective application functionality, be firm in your task to select a good technology that deals with data access. Further, the developer base must take great care to provide the best scalability as it can help to deal with the ever-changing business requirements.

c. Business Layer:

This layer deals primarily with caching, data management, logging, and other such account related activities.To simplify the overall work, it is best suggested dividing it as per the relevant categories. But again speaking about the work associated with Categories, they can help in validation, app guideline creation, and data transformation as well.

Now to select the perfect architecture for any mobile app, it is recommended to go for a native app whenever contemplating cross-platform app development or app development involving a tight budget. Should the need to get more users and keep them consistently engaged ever arise, then a native app can be combined with web app development. Last but not least, the methodology called “Develop Once and Run Anywhere” can also do wonders.

Ending Lines:

So before you start your dream of building a mobile app, it is very useful to have some insight into what exactly are the main constituents of it in the first place. Having this knowledge can help you in defining all the features and functionalities that ought to be included in your app to offer the best user experience to your audience base.

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