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9 Unique UX/UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps to look out in 2020

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Mobile applications are considered as the preferred mode of communication to keep the users engaged. Many businesses are showing interest in developing a desired mobile application to grow their business to the next level. To upgrade your business to the latest tide, plan your business accordingly. In this article, we are going to see the new trends and expectations that developers and consumers can have in UI/UX app design.

Improved personalization
Mobile app development and personalization are possibly acquiring higher momentum this year. The upgrade in artificial intelligence and machine learning has made the customization simple and easy. For example, streaming services like YouTube offers users a set of song recommendations based on the user’s interest. Personalized service is seen in many bucket list applications.

Highly scalable
Scalability of an app can also be desired based on the minimal designs in the applications. As applications are mainly designed and used for smartphones, there is an increasing demand for consumers for developing on new devices. An app that is developed on a universal design language can be used on any devices like Android, iOS, tablets, televisions and wearables. So, it is expected that the same design and style would be used in all applications for a consistent feel.

Voice Interaction
Voice search is the highly preferred search type by modern smartphone users. Such like Siri, the voice-controller for Apple, Alexa, a virtual assistant for Amazon, and Bixby, the smart voice assistant for Samsung. Google AI-enabled voice assistant commands the latest trends in the UX design. As voice interaction and searches are continuously accommodating in our daily lives as they deliver fast results and are more feasible.

No password login 
As an individual uses lots of applications every day, it won’t be very easy to remember all the passwords. So; it is expected that applications process with no password login in 2020. So, how do you protect your application? There are other types of password less login for mobile apps like facial recognization, fingerprint, and OTPs.

Highly improved animation
Attractive and operative animation is an important part of keeping users interactive and engaging. Animation defines the moves and motions of the data like state changes, rhythms of interactions, and confirm actions. As the use of mobile applications is becoming higher and stronger, mobile app developers are producing high defines animations that bridge the gaps between different conditions.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Implementing Augmented reality and virtual reality that enables higher user interactions in the digital components by providing fresh appearance at the everyday regime. There are certain industries like media, eCommerce, science, real estate, travel, and education where AR and VR technology can be adopted in the UI/UX designs.

High-resolution illustrations
Expressing emotion through design has made product designers more neutral. There are high chances that product designers are expected to produce higher-resolution emotional effects in 2020 mobile application.

Effective content design
The content is the first approach that enhances the application of functional design and meaningful user interfaces which makes comfortable and convenient UX of complex solutions. Content readability plays a pioneering role when it comes to UX/UI design, it is not only about the brand name, logo but it is also regarded to content style as the readability of the fonts, context menu, and responsive design.

Chatbot User Interface 
Chatbot user interface is not just to deliver a message to the end-user, but it is also expected to perform a particular query based on the user expectations by understanding all types of language variations, such as emotions, semantics, phrases, text structures, and slangs.

With all the latest trends in UI/UX design, designers must keep in mind the new approaches and technologies for better user experience. Implementing the latest trends in your application measures the specific trend that makes better user experiences. If you are planning to design you’re a mobile application for your business, then contact Pyramidion Solutions, one of the best mobile app development companies in Chennai.

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