5 Reasons Why the Public Sector / Non-Profits Needs to Develop a Mobile Strategy

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In this millennium there are millions of reasons as to why all types of conglomerates, the public sectors and the private sectors all alike must embrace the power of mobility. Not taking a mobile-centric approach to business functioning also is detrimental in many cases.


1. The General Population is already embraced Mobility

Coming to the primary reason for embracing mobility is because the people all over the world are already using it. Shortly after the phenomenon that is iPhone debuted, there has been a massive surge with respect to growth. An interesting fact is that mobiles have outranked people in term of quantity.


2. Mobile Searches have outranked their Desktop counterparts

Google earlier revealed that users are inclined to carry out searches more on a mobile rather than on a desktop. Everybody must acknowledge this fact by showing the inclination of the people. Seeing that more people have embraced mobile devices, it is wise to embrace mobility for your functioning.

Added to that Google’s algorithm is more and more inclined towards the concept that is Mobile friendly websites. From the aforementioned points, it is evident that companies who have already adopted a mobile-friendly website will gain the edge in the race to be the most dominant in the business.


3. Mobility might be the only portal to the world of Internet

For almost 25% of the people living in poverty, mobile was the means to plunge into the Internet. So taking into the case of the companies that are associated with social causes and reforms, they can use mobility seeing that a big chunk of whom they want to serve are using internet through mobile phones.

Now when considering mobility there are some vital considerations to take into account.


1. Creating a Responsive Design Web Site:

Such a website may be compatible for operation on any device be it a desktop or a mobile.


2. Emphasizing the importance of SMS

When taking the case of the Public Sector, the email marketing has an open rate of just 22% which doesn’t help that much in communication, unfortunately. For SMS, the same factor is at an astounding 98%. What’s more, SMS marketing is that economical as well. Many brands have realized how much effective it is and are using it via their mobile phones to get their word out via text messages.


3. Building a Mobile Application

This is the final icing on the cake regarding the trend that is Mobility

Coming to the final but the most powerful advantage that mobility offers to all the enterprises and organizations is nothing but the mobile application. Build a native or hybrid application seeing which is the best fit for you. In short, a mobile app can give you the necessary boost towards increasing the reputation of all the services that you offer to everyone.


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