5 guidelines for designing Killer Apps

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  1. Going by the interaction design mode

Interaction design finds its prominence irrespective of the screen size typically even when it is very much smaller. It is an integral aspect of user Experience design. It is nothing but the phase involved in designing captivating web interfaces with pre-planned reasoning and actions. A proper user experience is provided by utilising a good Interactive Design which needs technology and standard communication rules. Provided an app is to be designed the following aspects related to Interaction Design have to be imbibed by the developers.


Goal-driven design:  Exhaustive analysis aids in the developer modulating the app for the apt user. User scenarios have to be identified to formulate the experience of users with the app and make changes and editions here and there accordingly.


Usability: The app must be simple and very comprehensible with regards to manipulation.

Affordance & signifiers: These two aspects relate to the operation and identification respectively. To take up an example the typical blue underlined text observed is a signifier which can be clicked to access a  related page which is affordance. Proper usage of the former has to be done so that users dont have to be engrossed related to the functionality of each UI component.


Learnability:  It has to be accounted that users can without much effort learn to play around and use the app. By implementing known mobile methodologies, users can know how to use a new app easily.

Feedback & response time:

Feedbacks are manipulated as indicators to signify the completion of a task be it picture or message or anything. It has to be consistent and user friendly as well.


  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Other than using fundamental patterns for the app’s interface, the rest should be innovative and not based on the same existing details. Several profitable apps resemble one other alike due to the fact that they are designed based on the typical mobile patterns with which the users are very much accustomed to. Care must be taken to ensure that users do not encounter a new methodology to be comprehended when using a new app as this may make the user feel uninterested with the app and could lead to its discarding. The basic aspects like icons, color and gestures have to be incorporated.

Based on TNW, the app developers should implement the user interfaces which are typically used prior to augmenting and enriching their apps according to their ideas. This ascertains that the app satisfies the user expectations without the aspect of getting tired of it.

  1. Remember accessibility

It is typical for users to be confronted with the scenario of pressing the wrong button on the phone and be directed to an unrelated screen. The apps have to be ensured that they are built in a way allowing free use of fingers to interact with the app. A lot of space must be provided for the use of fingers such that the aforementioned scenario is circumvented. Typically fingers even though they are about 45 to 57 pixels wide, the design aspect which is used is much smaller. An instance is the case of Apple’s based requirements.

Further, users hold their phones in various patterns. The thumb and finger patterns must be given enough emphasis when implementing touch buttons.


  1. Know your colors

Various colors denote various emotions and understandings. Hence it is vital to choose the apt colors when designing the apps. The color blue indicates faith and trust.The color orange denotes a state of happiness and belief. It has to be taken into account that the various colors used must correspond with the brand’s colours.

Baed on Envato, a change has been observed with respect to the manipulation of colors in the mobile components. A trend that is present at current is the manipulation of large white space side by side with innovative colors.  Typically color contrasts must be used to provide a good reading experience.


  1. (Con)text is king

It is a fact that design and text are integral and interrelated to one another and hence this tip must not be overlooked. It is debated that text is one of the prime most components with relation to interaction design. The comprehensible nature is the most vital thing. The writings must be modified according to who and at what precise time the text is being read. Also, emphasis must be given to what they require to accomplish the particular task and such.

Below mentioned are guidelines related to the aforementioned scenario

Labels have to be expressed in a way such that users feel they are in charge. Copies have to be generated which promote interaction as it is typical that users are coming to the app to accomplish certain targets.

The most prominent words have to be displayed initially. This is because mobile users want to access the features at a fast pace.

Unwavering and accordant wordings has tp be used on every screen. The app should perform such that it is an integral part of the brand from which the app is coming.

Hence apps have to be reworked according to the aforementioned guidelines.

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