3 Quick Ways to measure the code quality of your Mobile App

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The average rate of smartphone and tablet users are increasing every year that comes with a package of apps. Hence, it shows that mobile applications are becoming an integral part of our lives. Many reports explain that by 2022, we can expect over 258 billion app downloads annually!

Mobile applications are playing a major role in our day to day life as we incorporate mobile applications in our daily activities which results in the development of applications available over the internet. For instance, you wake up with the help of an alarm app. You connect with your friends through instant messaging apps, and some people track their health benefits and calorie burns through health wellness app. Hence, in one or other way, the mobile application is playing an important role in our lives.

It is to be noted that from 2020 and the future look for a quality mobile application that plays a vital role in the growth of the company. The higher the standard, the higher the reach and success of the company. So, it is important to check the code quality of your mobile app that comes into the equation.

What is Code Quality? Why Must You Take Care of it?
Once you have decided whether you want an Android or iPhone application, there are various steps and criteria to develop the solution.
After the application is coded and ready to showcase it to the world, it is advisable to check the code quality of the app developed. So, what is code quality? There are many terms to explain the code quality, but as per laymen terms, code quality is defined by the codes used in the application are of good quality or bad quality. You may think, Does code quality matters in deciding the quality of the app? Yes, code quality tells the quality of the software and whether it is safe, secure and reliable to use. Here are some of the key points that distinguish the good and bad code.

  • Does the app provide consistent operations?
  • Does the code perform as what is it created?
  • Are the codes easy to understand?
  • Also, do the app codes are documented well and can be used for the future?

How to measure the code quality of your mobile application?
There are multiple ways to check code quality. Each method specifies an essential aspect of mobile app development. Here, we have three elements that can quickly measure the code quality based on the factors

While we are living in mobile world security breaches, means even our sensitive data is vulnerable than ever. And it does not mean the data can not be protected. The developing knowledge and awareness have made people careful in selecting the app to download. As every user wishes for a secured app, the security check begins at the coding level. Here, is a quick method to test the code quality based on security.
Scan the mobile application to identify the vulnerabilities present.
Enhance the security update, in case the application is launched.
Identifying the actual security problems and gauging the frequency and severity.

Reliability defines the risk associated with the codes and software. It also defines the probability of the designed code of the mobile application may fail. The more reliable the code is the less chance for failure, so ensure that your newly developed mobile application is reliable that reduces the malfunction of the mobile.
Quick ways to measure the reliability of a code:
Check the load whereby you can analyze the code functionality when multiple users are using it.
Regression testing, which means you count the numbers of issues rises when you change the app, keeping the code constant.
Reliability testing is where the experts create a real-time market environment and see whether the app works well without throwing any error.

Testability and Maintainability
The ease of the software and the codebase to be maintained shows whether the code has high quality or not. To ensure the code quality based on the maintainability, then it is required to assess the consistency, structure, complexity of the codebase. The factors in determining the testability are hard to provide in single metrics so measuring the number of warning in the styles that arise and run the code without any complexity defines the code quality of the mobile application.
Ensure that your mobile app quality by checking the code quality and develop an error-free and highly featured application. So, are you looking for the best mobile app development company in Chennai? Pyramidion Solutions is your perfect choice. We design and develop featured mobile app with high-quality coding and bug-free mobile application.

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