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How Much Does An App Like TIKTOK Cost?

Developing an App Like TikTok? Here's How Much It Costs

TikTok has become a sensational music and video sharing application that took over all the rest of the social media apps all around the world. The app has over 500 million active users worldwide, and it is also the most downloaded application of 2020.

Even if we log in apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, we can see the majority of TikTok videos shared in those social media platforms as well. Therefore, it is an excellent business investment to develop applications like TikTok.

What Made TikTok This Popular?

It is so popular worldwide because of the way it is built. Of course, it is an audio and video sharing platform. Still, it is also an editing application in itself with fun features, filters, music libraries, green screens, effects, and so much more. It is a fun and easy way to create content for any demographic.

Also, its ability to share videos on other social media platforms with ease led to the app's popularity. Hence, it is easy to use and fun application to be creative. Here's detailed information about the application and how much it takes to build one.

Features of TikTok that Attract Users

The popularity and the success of the applications depend on its features and functionalities, and TikTok has impressive features. This has led many businesses and even startups to invest in making similar applications like TikTok. Here are some of the popular features of the app.

Video Editing

The users can easily edit videos with incredible features that have been incorporated into the app using AI. Users can change their hair colours, faces, eye colours and so on.

Uploading Videos

The users can comfortably upload their videos, and editing options will still be available, and they can also control the speed and video effects.


As mentioned above, TikTok allows its users to share their videos in several social media platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Instagram and more.


Users can also duet with videos of the other users in the applications just by using the hashtag.

Live Streaming

TikTok also has live streaming options where users can pay for watching the stream.

Music Libraries

People can choose from a wide range of music libraries for their audios and have the ability to make their own audio as well. It is a great way to promote user's music as well.

Things to Keep in Mind While Building TikTok-like Applications

Research and Analysis: Before the commencement of the app development, it is crucial to research on the market, requirements, and audiences.

Your Revenue: Make sure to set clear goals on the revenue model for your application like in-app purchases and advertising.

Finding the Right Company: Your application development entirely relies on the development team, therefore research and choose a good mobile app development company.

General Cost Estimation

It takes approximately $15,000 to $35,000, depending on the customer's requirements and demands. And of course, the cost can be reduced or increased depending on the functionalities, features and business requirements. Therefore, approach with your app idea and budget to a development company for accurate estimation.

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