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We are one of the leading Android application development agencies from Canada strive to provide services which are done by amalgamating the latest technologies with a touch of agile methodology. We provide a range of end to end services for customized mobile apps operating on all the Android devices

Our accomplishments are sure to enthral any prospective clients or visitors who avail our website as they are assured to be amazed by the various Android Apps which we have developed for the Android devices irrespective of the dimensions, shape and the such. The crew works to incessantly augment their proficiency with respect to the latest technical aspects of the Android platform so as to provide the best service possible.

We have steadily progressed to become one of Canada's leading Android app development agencies by venturing a lot into the domain by implementing sleek design, advanced technical prowess and effective stratagems over the years and hence we have made possible for our clients to experience a great mobile experience. We are there to provide you with assistance and insight so as to make every app we develop well prospering in the app market world.

The Android Operating System and the Platform are well associated with its effective adaptability and the simple process associated with the launch. The native and cross platform mobile apps which we design cater to the requirements of the clients and are rigorously tested across a plethora of Android devices so as to augment the user experience and get better performance and operation.

We have been developing Android Apps all across Canada for the various provinces encompassing Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia. Our offices are located in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver and we have served clients and brands from the aforementioned cities as well as additional metropolises as well.

Since our inception, we have been developing classy and productive Android apps for several enterprises, small-scale businesses and other such organizations.

We are very well proficient in generating personalized end-to-end mobile solutions for a plethora of services namely Music, Hotel, E-Commerce, Media, Travel & Hospitality, Stock Market and the such. This is just the tip of the iceberg when speaking about our range of services across different domains. Enthralling apps are built by us using the Android platforms.
We at Pyramidion Solutions comprehend that making a proposal feasible needs more than technical prowess. It consumes a lot of effort and time related to project management, communication, and design so as to get insight regarding the needs of the client. We tackle this by identifying the shortcuts related to solving technical issues. Pyramidion Solutions has built up a reputation over the years with respect to industrial experience and skills.

We assure the clients that we provide affordable pricing for our services catering to the budgets of them. Also, we are skilled in on-time delivery without any misunderstandings or discrepancies associated with the communication. We provide support, maintenance and major upgrades post the launch period. We also ensure the strictest code security which is in terms of NDAs

Below listed are the various Android Apps which we develop

Native Mobile Apps

By utilizing Kotlin or Java in Android Studio has offered by Google, the native apps are developed which have access to the Android approved APIs and other such features. Thus user experience is augmented to a greater scale on the Android platform. Our native apps are associated with the incessant quality delivered with respect to the Android platforms.

HTML5 Mobile Apps

Based on Javascript and other such technologies, the HTML5 mobile apps are made to work on the Android devices and access features of the device like the camera, accelerometer and the such all done on a restricted level. These apps find their use in enterprises that are less intricate and require minimal hardware attributes.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Developed using Javascript and made to run on native Android apps, these apps provide a user experience similar to native apps and prove worthy for business customers.

Developed using Javascript and made to run on native Android apps, these apps provide a user experience similar to native apps and prove worthy for business customers.

Rest assured we at Pyramidion Solutions assist the clients to choose between hybrid or native apps depending upon the proposal associated.

That was an overview of our services and the types of apps which we create. We have made an impact in several enterprises related to their progress and augmentation. Further our presence is made felt with several clients from the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia to name a few and we have attained a great level of reliability in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary etc. We also cater to clients globally as well.

What are you waiting for? Reach us out and avail our services immediately to get the best out of your proposals !

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