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What is Virtual Reality?

Imagine taking a walk on the moon, or taking a stroll through the streets of medieval London, or inspecting a house that is yet to be built! Sounds impossible? Welcome to the world of virtual reality!

Virtual reality basically refers to using computers to create and experience an environment that actually doesn't exist. Virtual reality is a realistic 3D world that is computer-generated and interactive, making you feel as if you really are 'within' that world. Experiencing virtual reality need not be just visual – it can also include other senses such as, sight, hearing, etc. Sounds incredible, right?

How Can Virtual Reality Help You?

Virtual Reality is an invaluable practical technology that has immense value in many fields and has been used for decades by doctors, architects, engineers, scientists, etc. Let us look at a few important applications of virtual reality:

  • Real Estate: 360° real estate virtual tours can help prospective buyers/renters to view properties regardless of whether they are built or under construction.
  • Architects and Interior Designers: Virtual reality technology helps with project visualization, allowing architects and interior designers to save time and effort.
  • Education: Virtual reality can be used to develop educational videos and 360° virtual tours of industrial spaces, different ecosystems, cities, laboratories, factories, heritage sites, etc.
  • Industries and Manufacturing: Virtual reality can be used to develop 360° virtual tours of manufacturing or assembly plants, and to demonstrate and explain various processes and products to clients.
  • Tourism: Governments, tourism departments, private tour operators and travel portals can use 360° virtual tours of tourist destinations, monuments, heritage sites, temples, etc.
  • Hospitality: Hotels, resorts, clubs and travel portals can use virtual reality to develop 360° virtual tours showcasing all the facilities offered.

These are just a few of virtual reality’s great benefits!

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