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Whether you are looking to bring alive your startup’s MVP or build an enterprise application from scratch, we can deliver innovation through engineering solutions that fulfil business goals.

Product Engineering

Invest in future-ready competence with smartly engineered products

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, it becomes important for businesses to think ahead, anticipate requirements smartly, and invest in the product idea that lend a competitive edge. Product Engineering Solutions that factor in considerations of innovation, security and efficiency right at the start, allow firms to ride the wave in the face of changing customer behavior, vendor dynamics, tech

With this holistic approach, businesses have the opportunity to materialize meaningful applications and efficient enterprise solutions as they move through the product cycle from ideation to development to testing, launch and maintenance.

Our Process Highlights

Our Product Engineering Lifecycle - from design to deployment.

The growing complexity of the software landscape means you stand to benefit from a partner who can competently execute the entire product engineering spectrum from design to deployment to testing and quality control. Whether you require a custom enterprise application or a flagship CRM product, our robust product engineering cycle will help your product deliver consistently great experiences.

  • Step 1

    A flexible, optimized product development cycle

    We structure the basic building blocks of product development -- ideation, architecture, design, testing, deployment -- in a lean and agile methodology, thus leading to improved efficiency. We are willing to tweak execution styles according to requirement and learn fast on the go. We constantly reevaluate our processes to ensure iterative development.

  • Step 2

    Ideation - Starting with the end in mind

    We believe that a good place to kickstart a product engineering cycle is by asking the right questions: What business goals will this product help meet?Should it increase operational efficiency, add a revenue stream, increase customer acquisition or improve customer loyalty? We seek to listen first. Gathering information from both the business and customer standpoint offers a fine balance towards creating a pleasing and profitable product.

  • Step 3

    Architecture - Designed to impress

    We hold a strong interest in product thinking. We believe that a genuine curiosity about how users work with a product goes a long way in building a product that feels intuitive to use. Hence, we invest careful efforts into researching user journeys and metrics for performance.

  • Step 4

    Roll-out Plan - Built to succeed

    After getting your sign in on the prototype and wireframe, we set clear timelines to deliver the product in a phased manner.

  • Step 5

    Testing - We detest bugs, too!

    We hold our testing and maintenance to rigorous standards to ensure your product is devoid of technical or user issues.

  • Step 6

    Improvisation - A relationship beyond the finish line

    As your partners in innovation, we believe in going the extra mile. Our journey with your product doesn’t end with delivery. Our team will be around to guide and support you. Once the application is live, we continue to help you with deployment and support/ monitor the servers, execute minor UX iterations and assist with portability issues across platforms/ bug fixes and updates for an additional few months.


The Pyramidion Advantage at Product Engineering

At Pyramidion, we are always looking to learn more - about your goals, requirements, and desired impact. For us, it is not just about getting an application up and running. We go beyond just delivering the product to thinking about ways to get it succeed in achieving your vision and end goals. Here’s why you can trust us to go the extra mile when it comes to full-stack digital product engineering:


Long-term commitment is our cup of tea

When we assess the development strategies for your product, we focus on solutions that are maintainable and scalable in the long run. You can trust us to build a stable, quality product that will support you for years to come rather than write scrappy code that lends to quick iteration.


Priority to functional, user-friendly design

In our years-long experience with creating products, we have often defined success as effortless and increased adoption. In other words, we design products that people would want to use. Hence, we prioritize UX/ UI best practices and tailor them to enhance the product experience.


Unwavering emphasis on security

There’s a lot of emphasis given to performance. However, as data security and privacy start to grab headlines around the world, security and governance play a pivotal role while conceptualizing digital products. And it’s an aspect that we don’t take lightly.


Guiding you beyond the basics

How do you foresee your product adapting to an environment where business goals upgrade and change? At Pyramidion, we engage in honest and informative discussions, providing you with options for future-driven features and ideas. Whether it is customization of permissions or streamlining of the payment pathway, we believe that choices can be empowering to make better decisions.


On time, on budget

IT efforts are notorious for stretching both costs and timelines. The Pyramidion methodology effectively guards against cost and schedule overruns through honest initial estimates, consistent communication, and custom options according to your needs, such as the option to adopt a flexi-resource model.


Expertise and seniority

Hiring is a well-planned and carefully conducted activity here at Pyramidion. We are proud of our people, many of whom bring years of experience in fullstack development and product design, and more importantly, a willingness to continually update themselves with the latest. Our developers are proficient in the latest code practices and programming expertise required to build competent and mission-driven products.

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