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Data Science Engineering

Power key business decisions with the aid of data

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Data is the new oil’. Indeed, data is now considered by business pundits to be the most valuable resource out there. Like with oil, creating value from data too involves several carefully planned steps, right from tapping into the right source to using the right prediction or analysis models.

Precise analysis and deft modeling of data helps discover new opportunities, areas of improvement, and test ideas. The best way to optimize processes and increase the efficacy of business systems need not be a product of guesswork or opinions. Tap into and utilizing data science to reveal trends, patterns and metrics from raw data.

Case Study

How Pyramidion Used Data Science to Help Uncover the Troubling Patterns of a Public Health Crisis

It is said that nearly 90 Americans die from Opioid overdose every single day. In the aftermath of this public health emergency that has grappled the nation, various healthcare organizations and government agencies have been pressed to find solutions and investigate processes. Data science continues to be an ally in this regard to make some key decisions that can effectively mitigate the damage.

Read how we employed data science to help uncover some important trends and patterns relating to the epidemic from medical health records.


A Range of solutions for varied requirements

The extensive presence of data all around us is both the biggest challenge and greatest strength of data analysis. There’s so much wealth of data that pretty much every answer to common boardroom questions is likely out there. But finding this proverbial needle from the haystack of noise and clutter takes a systematic approach built with an analytical bent of mind. You can depend on us to be the sensible and proven datascience engineering partner you are looking for.

Data gathering

Every business function is a potential source of data. We will help you zoom in on the right source for a particular business problem. We also extract data from the required sources and store them in compatible formats for later analysis.

Data processing and transformation

We process the data to remove duplicates and erroneous outliers. Further, we normalize the data and classify data into groups based on shared patterns.

Data modeling and analysis

We hold extensive experience in organizing and presenting data using various modeling methods. We are also proficient in building dashboards and data analysis tools.

Data visualization

We present the key findings of the data analysis using sound visualization techniques. Further, a user can interact with the parameters by changing the variables and exploring other potential outcomes.

Data engineering consulting

Get in touch to discuss how we can better help you explore and unlock the potential of your data or build a sound data culture in your organization.

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