Getting yesterday’s applications prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges

At Pyramidion, we help businesses revamp their existing IT systems so that they can significantly escalate innovation and business growth. Whether you are looking to completely transform your existing applications and infrastructure or need piecemeal solutions for the varied complex legacy systems, we can help you get there.

Application Modernization

Prepare yesterday’s software to better navigate tomorrow’s tech landscape

Enterprises often spend a significant portion of their IT budget in maintaining their legacy systems -underperforming or outdated applications or infrastructure that have been a part of the information system in the company for a long time.

Legacy systems are a resource black hole in many ways, and it is a prudent decision to invest in updating or transforming them. This provides more agility in paving a tech roadmap forward for the business to take on more challenges and innovation. Whether it is migrating data to a new platform or building new architecture from scratch, modernization initiatives can often become a key component of strategic initiatives that boost business potential.


The Pyramidion Advantage to Legacy Modernization

At Pyramidion, we are always looking to learn more - about your goals, requirements, and desired impact. For us, it is not just about transforming your old applications. We go beyond just the task at hand to thinking about ways to make these systems user-friendly, maintainable and viable in the long term. Here’s why you can trust us to go the extra mile when it comes to legacy modernization initiatives:


The future mustn’t derail the present

As much as modernization offers several benefits, it is important that the operation doesn’t disrupt critical day-to-day operations. As we upgrade your tech capabilities, we will ensure that the transition is a smooth, phased process that will not hurt business in the short term.


Unwavering emphasis on security

There’s a lot of emphasis given to performance and justifiably so. However, as data security and privacy start to grab headlines around the world, security and governance play a pivotal role while rebuilding or migrating applications. And it’s an aspect that we don’t take lightly.


Unique requirements, unique solutions

Depending on the complexity of your organization and existing legacy systems, there are various modernization approaches to consider. We carefully seek to understand if the problem lies with the architecture, technology, or applications. Should changes happen in an incremental manner or at bulk? Analyzing these factors help us build a solution that best fits your unique requirements.


Your long-term success matters

As your legacy provider, we focus on solutions that are maintainable and scalable in the long run. You can trust us to create a stable, quality system that will support you for years to come rather than perform the standardized bulk cloud migration.


On time, on budget

IT efforts are notorious for stretching both costs and timelines. The Pyramidion methodology effectively guards against cost and schedule overruns through honest initial estimates, consistent communication, and custom options according to your needs, such as the option to adopt a flexi-resource model.


Expertise and seniority

Hiring is a well-planned and carefully conducted activity here at Pyramidion. We are proud of our people, many of whom bring years of experience in migrating systems and proposing new architectures, and more importantly, a willingness to continually update themselves with the latest in the field. Our developers are proficient in the latest best practices of software modernization required to build competent and sustainable systems and solutions.

How We Work

Our Process Highlights

Modernizing legacy applications can be challenging, especially if they support business-critical operations. The huge scope of a typical modernization initiative means you stand to benefit from a partner who understands the nuances of this process and can formulate quick workarounds for common roadblocks. Whether you require a complete migration of all your applications or tweaks to your existing platforms and architecture, our robust processes and principles will enable your systems to prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Step 1

    The critical SWOT Analysis

    Revamping legacy systems that have been around for a significant period of time needs to be a carefully deliberated process. A redundant misstep or a poor-fit solution can often cause huge expenditures, time lag, or worse, loss of critical data. Therefore, before proposing suggestions, we conduct a thorough analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented by existing legacy systems.

  • Step 2

    Preparation is key

    Preparation is a key component of our modernization campaigns. From identifying all the systems that require modernization to mapping target locations for existing data to defining users and tasks that will be impacted, a solid groundwork for the changes and transitions leads to a more hassle-free process.

  • Step 3

    Tactful migration

    Not every legacy framework needs migration. If that’s the way forward though, it needs to be planned strategically. At Pyramidion, we pay careful attention to mapping, categorizing data that will be migrated, phased scheduling, etc. Further, we constantly test, evaluate and make adjustments during the process.

  • Step 4

    The importance of evaluation

    It is important to evaluate the success of the content migration initiatives. We hold our testing and maintenance to rigorous standards to ensure your updated systems are devoid of technical or user issues. Evaluation can further help ensure that security controls are in place and

  • Step 5

    A relationship beyond the finish line

    As your partners in innovation, we believe in going the extra mile. Our journey with your modernization initiative doesn’t end with getting the new systems in place. Our team will be around to guide and support you. After the migration or upgradation, we will continue to help you with deployment and support/ ensuring seamless functionality and adoption of the new system/ bug fixes and updates for an additional few months.

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