Enabling on-field medical professionals to optimize sample collection

We worked with India's leading medical diagnostic service centres, that offers a wide range of lab tests to improve the efficiency of their staffs' home collection of samples.

Medall Field Tracker

Medall is a chain of medical diagnostic service centers in India, offering a wide range of lab tests,
radiology tests including CT & MRI scans, and master health checkup packages.

Services Executed

Mobile App Development

UI & UX Design


Medall offers a home collection service online where the customers can book an appointment to collect samples. This service will be helpful for those who aren’t able to take tests directly from the center. To bridge a gap between customer and the center, Phlebotomist comes into play.

So, who are Phlebotomists?

Phlebotomists are those trained to draw blood mostly from veins for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. They are responsible for collecting and depositing all the samples for their (customer’s) respective tests.

Main Objective

The Pyramidions team was approached with a business problem wherein the client was facing an issue in managing and streamlining the numerous appointments they receive on a day-to- day basis from their customers for sample collection.

Earlier when the number of appointments was less they would manually assign these appointments to a phlebotomist but as the business grew and the number of appointments in a day could not be managed manually they needed a solution to sort and assign these daily appointments to their team of phlebotomists automatically. They also needed to keep a track of the activities carried out by the phlebotomists for each appointment and an overall track of their day.

For each appointment, these phlebotomists would commute to the customer’s location and carry out a set of tasks such as collecting the required samples based on the test registered and also collect the payment for the service provided.

The Challenge

Our main challenge was to understand the layers of detail in the process of recording those collected samples. As phlebotomists will be using it on a day-to-day basis, the application should provide a simplified solution for all those complicated steps and occurrences.

The business solution was also supposed to consider a practical problem where partial sample collection needed to be handled, where the same or different phlebotomist will collect samples from the customer within a set interval.

Ideate & Wireframe

Starting with paper and pen, we sketch out our ideas to establish a clear structure for the detailed approach. A wireframe follows, which conveys the main features, functions, and content without getting overly visual.

Style Guide

With the target audience in mind, we designed the Interface to be minimalistic. Too much information can distract the user from achieving the end goal. A clear and concise design gives the user a sense of security and trust.


A centralised dashboard through which the phlebotomist can easily access all his day’s activities was provided having in the mind ease of access and a user-friendly approach.

Appointments are divided into three sections to get a clear picture on their progress.


An automatic assign logic wherein the appointments are assigned to the phlebotomist keeping in mind the distance and route they should take based on their assigned zone has been developed.

Sample Collection

The phlebotomist can view and handle their assigned appointments through the seamless wizard type of platform provided for them. Establishing a standard process to collect the samples through the product has been made to handle all scenarios.

Sample/Payment Deposit

The samples which the phlebotomist collects further have to be deposited at the nearest collection center, collection centers are also equipped with the required platform and details of the collections being made. Establishing accountability and accuracy in the way sample collection is being handled.

Likewise, the payment for an appointment is also handled by the phlebotomist.

Each process was carefully crafted after rigorous brainstorming
sessions with the Medall Team repeatedly to give them the best
experience possible.


The app that we built helps the Phlebotomists track appointments booked, have an organized dashboard of historical appointments, and also optimize their routes based on appointment time requested by the customers.

The Medall Field tracker application would keep track of the current appointment status of the phlebotomist, their current location and aid in helping them in time of an emergency. The app also allows Phlebotomists to log the time at which they submitted the sample at the lab, closing the complete loop. We developed this app to simplify and make it a part of the Phlebotomist’s daily routine.

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